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George Clooney's future acting plans

George Clooney's future acting plans

George Clooney is planning to take a step back from acting as he gets older.

The 'Hail, Caesar!' star insists that whilst he finds acting "really fun", he doesn't want to age on screen.

He told BBC News: "I think nobody wants to see anybody really ageing. It's a very unforgiving thing, the cameras, and so ageing becomes something that you know you try to do less and less on screen.

"You try to pick the films that work best for you and as you age they become less and less. It's really fun acting ... but you know as you age on screen you get to that point that you really understand that you can't stay in front of the camera your whole life."

Meanwhile, the 54-year-old actor - who tied the knot with human rights lawyer Amal Clooney in 2014 - previously insisted there is no point "fighting" ageing.

He explained: "I think for all of us, you have to come to terms with getting older and not trying to fight it. You have a couple of options - which is get older or die.

"And so you have to get used to that idea that your roles in films and who you are and how you're perceived is going to change. That will disappoint people at times."