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George Clooney is a fan of FaceTime

George Clooney is a fan of FaceTime

Actor George Clooney relies on technology when he has to spend time away from wife Amal.

The Hollywood superstar is always on the go, whether it's filming or promoting one of his movies, and wife Amal is just as busy with her work as a human rights lawyer.

Their busy schedules mean the couple often has to spend time apart, and when Clooney is not at home, he turns to FaceTime to keep the romance alive.

"FaceTime, we’ll do that; mostly it’s just: 'Try not to go very long...' We spend an awful lot of time together," he confessed to Extra. "We try not to have these huge gaps. We’re able to manage, so far, between my work and her work and the things we’re doing; we’re able to manage it pretty well.”

The couple has expanded its family by recently adopting a rescue dog, a terrier called Nate.

"I’ve got a couple of shelter dogs, my mom and dad had a dog that died, so I got them another one," he said. "I got them a handicapped dog because… then they’ll have to take the dog - you can’t turn that one away.”

George, 54, spoke to the outlet at the premiere of his latest movie Hail, Caesar!, which he attended with his 37-year-old wife, and admitted she is a fan of the star-studded new Coen Brothers movie, which is set in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

“We saw it in England, about two weeks ago...," George said. "She loves it, especially the part where Josh (Brolin) is slapping me in the face; she thought that was good."

The couple married in Venice, Italy, in September, 2014.

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