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George Clooney: Fame suffocates me

George Clooney: Fame suffocates me

George Clooney feels "suffocated" by fame.

The 54-year-old star - who is married to 38-year-old lawyer Amal Clooney - feels smothered by the press attention he gets but uses it to shed light on global injustice.

He said: "Fame has an interesting element to it but if you tend to be followed round by a camera then you can feel suffocated at times. I thought it might be effective if I went to those places and got those cameras to follow me and try and amplify these stories of people who were doing such hard work, such dangerous work."

The 'Hail! Caesar' actor is know for his extensive charitable work and revealed he takes advantage of his fame, during an Armenian genocide prevention forum.

Amal has campaigned for the cause in the past and is popular among Armenians, which prompted George to joke he was in the country as "Amal's husband".

He also revealed he intends to highlight the "hard, dangerous work" of many people who fight against atrocities and who are unable to "get any cameras on them at all", and said he wants to "spread" the luck he has had in his life.

He said: "I was lucky to be born where I was... It was lucky - luck is genetic and time and place. That luck needs to be spread. There is an awful lot the world needs, not a handout but a hand-up."