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George Clooney: Amal handles spotlight 'well'

George Clooney: Amal handles spotlight 'well'

George Clooney thinks his wife Amal handles fame "well".

The 'Monuments Men' star has praised the human rights lawyer - who he wed in Venice, Italy in September 2014 - for coping well with her instant thrust into the spotlight.

Speaking about how Amal has adjusted to attending high profile events in the showbusiness world, he said: "She does very well with that. It's hard to do, I think."

Amal was a regular visit to set when the 54-year-old actor was filming for comedy movie, 'Hail, Caesar!', but he made sure his co-star Josh Brolin wasn't around when she came to check in.

He quipped to Entertainment Tonight: "It was on purpose. I told her to stay away from Josh, whatever she did."

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old activist previously revealed she feels a "certain responsibility" to raise awareness of importance issues since she has become more well known.

She shared: "I think it's wonderful that celebrities would choose to spend their time or energy or, you know, the spotlight that they have to raise awareness about these causes. I don't really see myself in the same way because I'm still doing the same job that I used to do before.

"If there's more attention paid - for whatever reason - to that, then I think that's good. I think there is a certain responsibility that comes with that. And you know, I think I'm exercising it in an appropriate manner by continuing to do this kind of work."