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Gene Simmons thinks Taylor Swift 'worries too much'

Gene Simmons thinks Taylor Swift 'worries too much'

Gene Simmons thinks Taylor swift worries too much about "people's feelings".

The 66-year-old KISS singer has claimed he's never needed to be surrounded by friends like the 'Bad Blood' hitmaker, who is renowned for hanging around with her so-called squad of pals.

Speaking to the Big Issue magazine ahead of his appearance at HeavyCon - the world's largest rock and metal fan convention taking place in Birmingham in September - Gene said: "Taylor Swift is a wonderful girl - I've met her, she's sweet, charming and kind - but this idea of going in a group of people to events, it's not in my DNA. "I've always been happy. I've never had the need to have friends. Friends demand time, watering - 'why did you say that? You hurt my feelings'... I don't want to worry about people's feelings."

Gene, who rose to fame in the 70s as bass guitarist and co-lead singer of rock band KISS, also revealed that when he was a teenager, he wanted to be president so that he could eradicate everything that's wrong with humanity in a "very violent" way.

He said: "When I was 16 I imagined myself as president. But when I learned what the job don't really get much power for yourself. So I guess what I really meant was, I wanted to be a benevolent dictator. If i was a benevolent dictator I would cure the ills of humanity but in a very violent way...

"If you're a drug addict, you have six months to get clean and if you don't, you get sent to the gulag. I'm making the world a better place, but it's violent. I'm not like Neville Chamberlain. That guy was a f****g moron. You cannot reason with evil people."