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Gemma Collins: Katie Hopkins is 'fattist'

Gemma Collins: Katie Hopkins is 'fattist'

Gemma Collins has labeled Katie Hopkins "fattist".

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star went head-to-head with the 40-year-old TV personality on her new TLC panel show 'If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World', and the pair clashed over overweight people paying for two seats on a plane, with Katie saying big people are lazy.

Gemma - who is a size 18 and has a successful clothing range at Evans - said: "What Katie was going on about is she's basically a fattist - she's obsessed with people that are fat. Even though she couldn't stop complimenting me on how beautiful I was when she met me backstage, she's ­basically gunning for fat people.

"She's out to shock and nothing can shock the GC."

The 34-year-old star star went on to insist that the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant - who she likened to Hitler - was scared by her famous GC death stare.

Gemma told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "To be fair, being next to the GC in person she ended up being like a puppy dog.

"When the GC stares you right in the eye, you know I mean business. She knew by the tone of my voice that I wasn't going to take any crap.

"The thing is - in the nicest possible way - she's like Hitler. She's just got very out-there opinions. She's just a little keyboard warrior."

Gemma also revealed that when the cameras stopped filming, Katie was very interested in her "designer vagina".

She added: "It's kind of ironic that after Katie dug me out for being fat, she now loves me and is really interested in my DV."