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Garth Brooks won over wife with spaghetti

Garth Brooks won over wife with spaghetti

Garth Brooks won his wife over with spaghetti.

The country music star has recalled the time in the early 2000s when his chosen meal of spaghetti for him and his three daughters, Taylor, now 22, August, now 20 and Allie, now 18, helped him break the ice with his now-wife Trisha Yearwood.

He said: "The girls said, 'We want to eat like dogs again, Dad.' Taylor reached over and took Trisha's head and before I knew it, bam!'. The whole table went silent. We were like, 'Oh, c**p.'

"She was fantastic, though. She came up with a noodle across her forehead and she just reached right back over and just, 'Pow!' She popped little Auggie's head right down. It was on from there!"

The little family tradition - which ensured he gave Trisha a great first impression of family life - came from him wanting to make the simple meals he used to cook for his three girls more fun.

He said: "Those were pretty much staples. But I made sure to tell their mom [Sandy Mahl], too. I said, 'Look, so when they're at your place, if you can think of different things [to feed them], that'd be great.'"

And Garth believes it was the spaghetti meal which "changed our world" for the family when he suggested they eat like "dogs".

He told People magazine: "I don't care who you are, dads are never as fun as moms. They're just not.

"We're having spaghetti again, and we were holding hands, saying our prayer, and when it's over, I said, 'Don't eat yet,' and they're like, 'What?' I said, 'Just take your fork in your right hand. Okay, we're going to beat it against the table three times then I want you to throw your fork over your shoulder.' I said, 'It's okay.' Beat it, beat it, and they hurled those forks, I mean just threw 'em. 'What do we do now?' I said, 'Now, you eat like a dog.'

"I took the oldest one's head and just put it right down [into the plate]. They ate like dogs and had the best time and then we went out and jumped in the pool."