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Garrett Hedlund: My recurring nightmare

Garrett Hedlund: My recurring nightmare

Actor Garrett Hedlund has been having the same nightmare since he was a child.

The star is living the dream, with parts in films like Unbroken and Pan. But still he's haunted by a strange nightmare he's had for as long as he can remember.

"Since kindergarten I've had a recurring nightmare: I'm running over a frozen lake, it cracks and I fall in," he opened up to Germany's Jolie magazine.

"I always wake up with a start. It must be my fear of not making it to my goal in time. Even if I keep telling myself: 'Don't be so stupid, it's just a dream.'"

Career-wise, Garrett has surely reached his aim. He's been in the industry since 2004's Troy and is happy with where it's taken him. When it comes to huge blockbuster roles, he's just not interested.

"It's not one of my goals..." he admitted. "I've been in this business for over ten years. Since Troy I've been told my next film needs to make me more famous. But I don't want that whole stardom thing. You don't change just because of a few good roles. It's just the others that go mad."

With that in mind, Garrett has tried to stay as down to earth as possible - and that means never forgetting his roots.

When he first hit Hollywood, he never believed someone like him would make it.

"I come from a farm in Minnesota and landed the Troy casting during my first month in Los Angeles," he recalled. "I got there and saw dozens of guys who looked just like me. I just asked myself: 'How on earth will I stand out?'"

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