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Garrett Hedlund: Imagination is a survival tactic

Garrett Hedlund: Imagination is a survival tactic

Actor Garrett Hedlund claims using his imagination helped him survive during his sheltered childhood.

The TRON: Legacy actor grew up in a remote area of Minnesota on a cattle farm.

And living in an isolated region saw a young Garrett cooking up wild scenarios in his brain to keep himself entertained.

"Obviously, as a child, my imagination – growing up on a farm – was the only way I survived,” he explained to People magazine. “When you're not doing chores, you're in nature playing, you're sort of out in the woods playing cops and robbers, building forts and growing your kingdom.”

Garrett is portraying legendary persona Hook in Pan, the forthcoming film based on classic children’s character Peter Pan.

But Garrett had to create his portrayal pretty much from scratch, as he wasn’t exposed to fairy tales often while living in his family’s secluded home.

"I grew up on a farm and we had three channels, so I had to go to my grandma's for Disney," he explained. "That and Days of Our Lives. I didn't grow up with Peter Pan, or a lot of fairy tales for that matter, but I got to see it when I grew up, which was almost better."

Garrett turned 31 years old on 3 September (15).

And the star is finally accepting the fact he is a full-fledged adult.

"I'm now getting into my 30s, and I feel that," he confessed. "That's the first time I've said that I'm in my 30s.”

Garrett has been dating actress Kirsten Dunst since 2012.

And now that he acknowledges his adulthood, the couple may venture into parenthood together, as Kirsten recently spoke of her desire to become a mother.

“That’s what I want,” she smiled to Britain’s The Guardian newspaper when the subject of marriage and children came up. “And I’m 33 – I’m not going to mess around, you know what I mean? So, yes. That’s the goal.”

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