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Gal Gadot: I wanted to be a lawyer

Gal Gadot: I wanted to be a lawyer

Gal Gadot wanted to be a lawyer.

The 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' star admits acting was never part of her original plan and insists she wasn't looking for acting work when she was asked to audition to be a Bond girl.

She said: "[After the army] I started studying law at university. While I was there, a casting director for 'Quantum of Solace' saw my modeling card on my agency's wall, and I auditioned to be a Bond Girl.

"If things had gone according to my plans, I'd be a lawyer. I never dreamt of being an actress. At 18, I was approached to compete in Miss Israel. I thought, that would be a nice experience. I never thought I would win! I was shocked when they crowned me; when I went to Miss Universe, I rebelled."

The 30-year-old actress admits she did all she could to avoid being picked again to take part in the Miss Universe competition including showing up late and not wearing gowns when she was told to.

She added to Glamour magazine: "I was afraid I might get picked again. I showed up late. I came without gowns. They tell you to come to breakfast in a gown. I was like, 'No way am I having breakfast in a gown!' Who needs to wear an evening gown at 10:30 A.M.?"