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Frankie Bridge's son's toilet troubles

Frankie Bridge's son's toilet troubles

Frankie Bridge's baby son peed in his own mouth.

The Saturdays singer may be surrounded by boys in her house with her two sons and husband Wayne Bridge but she has admitted she's still learning about their habits as she was left stunned when little Carter, seven months, urinated on himself after she took his nappy off recently.

She explained to OK! magazine: "Last week, my friend Aaron Renfree from S Club Juniors came over to see me, which was nice. He teaches at a dance school near my house, so whenever he's there he pops over.

"He arrived as I was getting Carter ready for his bath so he was undressed and, as boys do, he started weeing without his nappy on and ended up weeing in his own mouth - that was nice!

"I didn't realise what was happening but Aaron was laughing so much and had to tell me! I was like, 'Oh no! No wonder he's kicking off so much."

But, although she's still adapting to her boys' habits, the 27-year-old singer is desperate to expand her brood with her husband, with whom she also has two-year-old son Parker, in the near future.

She said recently: "I always said two children - and now that I've got them I'm like, 'Maybe more.' But I want to spend time now enjoying the boys because I had them quite close together.

"It would be nice to have a girl for the shopping side of things, but I always thought I'd have boys so I can't complain."