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Frankie Bridge's husband embraces her tradition

Frankie Bridge's husband embraces her tradition

Frankie Bridge's husband "never really got into" Christmas until he started dating the singer.

The Saturdays star admits the festive season has always been very important to her family and her soccer star spouse Wayne Bridge - who she married in 2014 after three years together - has now embraced their traditions.

Frankie - who has sons Parker, three, and Carter, 16 months, with her spouse - said: "Christmas has always been a big thing for my family.

"Wayne, bless him, ever really got into Christmas so the Sandfords rammed it down his throat from the minute we met.

"He has been well and truly Christmassed."

But one tradition the 27-year-old beauty didn't embrace until fairly recently was eating mince pies.

She said: "I love that everybody gets together at Christmas and the food. I love mince pies but I'd never had one until two years ago.

"I had my first one this year in September."

Frankie is enjoying teaching her sons about Christmas, but thinks she still has "a bit of work" to do as they haven't quite grasped what is happening.

She said recently: "Parker is three so he's just starting to get into it.

"Although the other day he did say to me, 'Father Christmas is on his way with his horses and I'm scared.'

"I thought, 'This isn't the way it should be.'

"So I told him they were reindeers and he should be excited. I think I have a bit of work to do there."