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Frankie Bridge expecting a son

Frankie Bridge expecting a son

Frankie Bridge is pregnant with a boy.

The Saturdays star has revealed she and her husband, retired soccer player Wayne Bridge, are expecting a second son and the couple are delighted that 20-month-old Parker is going to have a brother.

In an interview with the new issue of OK! magazine, Frankie said: "I found out (I was having a boy) at 12 weeks. Wayne and I always knew we'd find out. They can do this test called a Harmony test, which can detect if there are certain things wrong with your baby through a sample of your blood. I had that done when I had Parker but this time they asked if I wanted to find out the sex of the baby. I was like, 'Oh, I didn't know you could do that!' I've kept it a secret since then as Wayne and I wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while. Wayne and I are both over the moon ... We're both pleased because Parker's a boy's boy, he likes rough and tumble and he will love having a little brother."

Frankie is slightly disappointed she doesn't get to go shopping for new baby items because she's having another boy but she's been busy going through Parker's old clothes for the baby.

The singer added: "The only thing I was gutted about was that I don't get to go shopping all over again! I've been going through all Parker's old things for the baby."

When asked if there was any pang of disappointment she wasn't having a girl, Frank, 26, insisted "not at all", but admitted Wayne, 34, is keen to try for a girl in the future.

She said: "Me and Wayne had a chat before we found out, discussing whether we'd be bothered if we had another boy, and then if we'd want to try again for a girl. I'm not that bothered but Wayne would quite like a girl."