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FKA Twigs: Being famous is 'so weird'

FKA Twigs: Being famous is 'so weird'

FKA Twigs finds being famous "so weird".

The 'Two Weeks' hitmaker feels constantly "shamed" for being in the public eye and says people focus more on her rather than her talent.

Speaking in the August issue of ELLE magazine, she said: "Being in the public eye is so weird. People want to shame you. It's not a celebration of a talent."

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old singer - real name Tahliah Barnett - previously claimed most singers are just "vehicles".

She said: "I'm a traditional showgirl in a sense. I spent years of my early 20s working among performance artists. That's rule one of being an underground artist: You do your own makeup, hair, and costumes.

"Imagine if you were an artist that wasn't being herself. Imagine you're an artist that didn't know how to do your own makeup, didn't know how to do your own hair, didn't know how to put an outfit together, didn't write your own music, didn't direct your own videos, didn't produce your own music. They're not artists. They're vehicles, vessels. The majority of them are like that. Imagine how hard that must be."

And whilst FKA Twigs - who is engaged to Robert Pattison - professes to be good in the fashion department, she insists she is not the best at it.

She added: "It's not like I'm the best at these other things I do. Obviously, Soichi [Inagaki, her hairstylist] is going to be better at braiding hair than I am. If I put [the braid] too far down, then it makes my face look droopy. If I put it here, I look like a cat. If I'm working with a producer, if I can say, 'No, you need to put the fade there,' there's a language that we can completely understand."