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Fifth Harmony ‘desperate for love’

Fifth Harmony ‘desperate for love’

Fifth Harmony band members have confessed to being “desperate for love” despite the fact their careers are going from strength to strength.

The American all-girl pop group is comprised of Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani Hamilton, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello and Dinah Jane Hansen.

During a performance and Q&A session for British newspaper The Sun’s Bizarre column, the girls revealed intimate details of their lives.

And when asked if they are dating anyone, Camila made it clear she is aching for a love affair with someone from the UK.

“I am single and desperate for love,” she noted. “I would love a British man!”

Every band member except for Lauren raised their hands in confirmation when asked if they are currently single.

In an ideal world the girls would be dating their celebrity crushes.

“Young Johnny Depp and Chris Hemsworth,” Lauren said of the superstars who make her heart flutter, before Ally chimed in with: “I’m gonna start with females, so J-Lo. And do you know who is really cute, Matt Bomer.”

Camila is currently crushing on “Spider-Man” but she would also go on a date with “Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars” if she had the opportunity.

Normani is also into superhero types, noting her ideal man “would have to be Thor. Aaron Johnson, Channing Tatum and then definitely Zoe Kravitz.”

Dinah also has a penchant for butt-kicking personalities, noting one pop songstress in particular always grabs her attention.

“I’m just gonna go with Rihanna,” Dinah said. “She’s a bad b***h.”

Fifth Harmony is currently working on a second album following the release of their successful debut Reflection in January (15).

The singers are working hard to surprise their fans, with Dinah noting: “We are super stoked about the new sound that we’re going for. It’s more soulful. On the first album we didn’t have a chance to sing as much as we wanted to. It’s like rhythmic and reggae.”

“We got to work with some amazing of producers, like Stargate,” Lauren added of their upcoming offering.

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