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Fatman Scoop bemoans Celebrity Big Brother presidency

Fatman Scoop bemoans Celebrity Big Brother presidency

Fatman Scoop thinks being president of the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house is a "crappy" job.

The 35-year-old star - who was recently elected to the position of house president - has revealed he would have asked for a substantially bigger appearance fee if he'd have known how difficult it would be.

Scoop - who became president after team USA won the greasy hotdog sliding challenge - reflected: "It's amazing on the one hand and it's crappy on the other.

"I find it crappy in the sense that no matter what you do, no one will be happy."

In particular, Scoop bemoaned finding himself in the middle of a disagreement between adult film star Jenna Jameson and Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton about how food was being divided in the house.

He said: "I got it from Natasha for the fact that she felt that I didn't stand up for her. I got it from them because Jenna was like, 'Well you let these people talk about me'. If I would have known it was this hard I would have charged three-times my fee.

"The United States and the United Kingdom, we're both united. If I can work towards that, then I think my presidency would have meant something."

The second live eviction of this year's 'Celebrity Big Brother' is broadcast at 9pm on Channel 5.