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Porn stars 'evicted' from Celebrity Big Brother

Porn stars 'evicted' from Celebrity Big Brother

Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson left the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house in a fake eviction on Friday (11.09.15).

While the pair initially believed the eviction was genuine, host Emma Willis informed them of the deception after they left the house to boos from the assembled crowd and both were whisked away to Celebrity Big Brother's Secret Luxury Suite to spy on their fellow housemates.

Jenna and Farrah will both spend 48 hours in their suite on the Channel 5 show.

They were then asked to choose another celebrity for eviction and chose "fake" and "heartless" Austin Armacost but their nomination actually gave him immunity as the twists continued.

And while Jenna and Farrah both believe their new location is a secret from the remaining housemates, Big Brother will actually fill everyone in on the fake eviction as the two porn stars become the victims of their own hoax.

The contestants have been told to do everything they can to get nominated for eviction by Farrah and Jenna as this will lead to immunity for whoever is chosen.