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Farrah Abraham evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Farrah Abraham evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Farrah Abraham has been evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 'Teen Mom' star was eliminated from the reality TV show by fellow housemate Austin Armacost tonight (18.09.15) after going to head-to-head against her closest pal Jenna Jameson and was greeted by a chorus of boos.

Speaking in her post-eviction interview with host Emma Willis, the 24-year-old beauty, who recently participated in a fake eviction, said: "I'm happy it's for real this time. I just miss my life. I miss real life and I am so thankful that I'm included as boring right now."

Farrah, who has six-year-old daughter Sophia with late boyfriend Derek Underwood, wasn't surprised by the decision.

She explained: "I really thought there was a possibility, just because after getting to know the other housemates.

"I'm happy with their choice. I don't care either way. I'm very pleased."

Asked where it all went wrong for her, she said: "I'm not fake. I think it's very hard for a real person to win this. It's just fake bulls**t. I don't buy into a lot in the house.

"I love that I do no tolerate f**ked up s**t."

The reality TV star regularly argued with many of her fellow housemates, particularly James Hill, but has no regrets and thinks the 'Apprentice' star, 26, made "sleazy" comments.

She added: "I think I've apologised when it was needed... but I very much feel like at the time, if I was antagonised or interrogated in any way I showed my emotions.

"James doesn't really show his true self in the house, he's on his best behaviour."