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Fadi Fawaz 'banned' from George Michael's funeral

Fadi Fawaz 'banned' from George Michael's funeral

Fadi Fawaz has been banned from attending George Michael's funeral.

The music icon's 43-year-old lover was the one who found him dead at his home on Christmas Day (25.12.16) but the star's family "hate him" and he won't be welcome to pay his respects at the ceremony when George is finally buried.

The singer's cousin Andros Georgiou revealed: "Heaven help him if he turned up. Fadi has not been invited to the funeral. The family hate him."

The 'Carelss Whisper' hitmaker's funeral is on hold until the coroner releases his body but all the details have been planned, including George's burial attire.

Andros told The Sun newspaper: "The clothes have been chosen and it will be his favourite black suit and shirt from the 'Symphonica' tour, with no tie.

"He will also be dressed in a gold Cartier watch and the ring with Yog on it. The family have all discussed it and the outfit has been arranged and we have the clothes."

The star's relatives have now arrived from Greece for the ceremony and Andros admitted that he "can't bear" the thought of George's body lying in a freezer while they wait but he'll be "devastated" whe he is finally forced to say goodbye to George.

He added: "It will be a small and secret affair, with possibly less than 50 people. The hope is that George is in the ground before people find out about the funeral.

"It'll mostly be family and a few close friends. George's sisters Melanie and Yioda are doing the lists.

"Loads of members of George's Greek family are over, waiting for it to happen. We are just waiting for the body. At the moment it's basically lying in a fridge, which is a thought I can't bear.

"I have to say goodbye, though I can't even im­agine it. I'll be devastated, it will be heartbreaking."