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Evan Rachel Wood used to sing with Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood used to sing with Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson used to sing together "for fun".

The 'Wrestler' actress is now performing in duo Rebel and a Basketcase with Zach Villa and admits her former boyfriend - who she dated for three-and-a-half years until August 2010 - helped her gain confidence in her musical abilities.

Asked if she and Manson used to sing together, she said: "We would, for fun. And you know, I learned a lot from being in that environment, and there's a lot I took away from that experience. It was unavoidable.

"And he was somebody who was always very encouraging and believed in my ability. It was another link in the chain."

The 28-year-old beauty - who has a two-year-old son with estranged husband Jamie Bell - loves singing karaoke so much, she even has a special room in her house devoted to her pastime.

And Evan and Zach wrote most of their upcoming album in the area.

She told Rolling Stone magazine: "I have a karaoke lounge in my house, complete with a tiki bar and hula-girl lamps and disco balls. And we actually wrote half the record in that room. The bulk of it, really.

"We would take a song that didn't have vocals and then hook it up to the karaoke machine and sing over it, and try to find a melody that way."

Evan came out as bisexual in 2012 and she admitted she is frustrated that much of the reporting about Amber Heard - who is also attracted to both men and women - and her allegations of abuse against estranged husband Johnny Depp have mentioned her sexuality as she feels it is portrayed as "deviant, shady behaviour".

She said: "I can't comment on the case or any of the allegations of abuse. But as a bisexual I do think it's a problem when we exploit that, and group it in with some category of deviant, shady behaviour.

"It's done just to get a headline, while at the same time holding back a very large group of people that already have so much to overcome. It's just one more dig. So that's an issue that's close to my heart.

"And it's on the album as well - my journey to figure out who I was with my own sexuality. Because it can really apply to so many different aspects of your life."