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Eva Martino is 'terrified' she won't love her unborn son as much as her daughter

Eva Martino is 'terrified' she won't love her unborn son as much as her daughter

Eva Martino is "terrified" she won't love her unborn son as much as her daughter.

The 31-year-old mother of one - who has 22-month-old daughter Marlowe Mae and is expecting her second child with her husband Kyle - has admitted there is a "surefire impossibility" she will adore her second child as much as her daughter because she has fallen "so deeply and acutely" in love with her little girl.

The 'Saved!' actress - who is the daughter of actress Susan Sarandon and Franco Amurri - shared her fears on her lifestyle blog Happily Eva After, she wrote: "Right now, I'm at a pretty magical stage in my pregnancy. My tummy has popped out, and I'm feeling our sweet little boy kicking and squirming.

"The Three Amigos who have gone through so much together -- so many first-time-parent growing pains, celebrations and tribulations -- are going to finally be joined by a fourth little soul who will make our dynamic forever different.

"And my heart is aching a little bit ... To say we're pretty tight is an understatement. There's a lot of snuggling in our house. A lot of kissing and hugging, and group kissing and hugging, and cuddling in the mornings, and cuddling in the evenings, and generally a full-time cuddle-a-thon.

"I have fallen so deeply and acutely in love with my daughter that the idea of loving anybody or anything as much seems like a surefire impossibility ... Sometimes she says something so sweet or smart or funny or weird that I feel like my rib cage might actually crack open from how big my love for her has swollen. I've barely survived.

"How on earth am I meant to feel this with another baby?

"This is the question I keep asking myself, and one that actually terrifies me."

"What I'm working on now is letting go of Three -- letting go of that little family unit that we cultivated so fiercely, with so much love and so many mistakes -- and opening our door for somebody new to teach us. I cry sometimes when I think about it."