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Eva Longoria won't date co-stars

Eva Longoria won't date co-stars

Eva Longoria refuses to date her co-stars.

The 'Desperate Housewives' beauty insists she would never date someone she starred in a movie with as she feels more like a sister to them.

When asked if she'd ever had to work with an ex-boyfriend, she said: "No, never. I've actually never dated a co-star. It's so funny. I've always seen actresses who constantly date their leading men or somebody they co-star with, and I've been the opposite.

"Once I act with you, I feel like you're my brother, like Jesse Metcalfe ('Desperate Housewives') and now Jencarlos (Canela, on 'Telenovela'). There's this familial bond that happens more than a romantic bond."

The 40-year-old actress - who is currently dating Jose Antonio Baston - is now starring in 'Telenovela', a soap-turned-comedy set behind the scenes at a Spanish television show, and is glad the "very special project" has brought her back to television.

She told USA Today: "I knew I wanted to go back to television eventually, but it had to be a very, very special project because I was on the greatest show of the last decade.

"I thought I really hit the lottery with 'Housewives', so I'd like to hit it again. I read a lot of stuff and developed a lot of stuff, and I developed 'Telenovela' not with me in mind. But when these writers came in and executed the first draft, I fell in love with this world and thought it was going to move comedy forward."