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Eva Longoria to launch fashion line

Eva Longoria to launch fashion line

Eva Longoria is launching her own fashion line.

The 41-year-old actress will release her capsule collection at The Limited in August and she revealed she has been sewing since she was a child.

Eva said: "I learned to sew as a kid. All I wanted for Christmas was a Singer [sewing machine]. At first, all I could sew was straight lines - curtains, pillows, duvets. That's why I started my JCPenney home line. If it had a sleeve or arm or leg, I was like, 'No.'"

"But when I was in high school, I would go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and get scrap fabric and patterns on sale to work with. That's how I learned to cut on the bias."

And Eva has been praised for designing outfits that perfectly complement women.

Diane Ellis, CEO of The Limited said: "Because she's a sewer, Eva is astute with aspects of fit; she knows what's complementary to the body. We did some research on our client, who's a sophisticated professional, and we were amazed at her response to how much she saw Eva as a strong woman activist who leads in all aspects."

Eva will be following in the footsteps of her best pal Victoria Beckham, who has her own successful fashion collection.