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Eva Longoria's busy schedule

Eva Longoria's busy schedule

Eva Longoria has likened her schedule to "rocket science".

The 'Desperate Housewives' star always has a packed schedule but has revealed the secret to getting it done is prioritising and cutting back on social media browsing.

She told CNBC: "If I'm not moving forward, I'm moving faster forward. My schedule is usually like rocket science. I prioritise. I do conference calls while I'm driving. I do all my reading while I'm flying. I'm very efficient with my time.

"People waste more time than they realise. How long are you checking your Instagram? I recommend you prioritise, and that starts with having goals. You've got to know what's the most important thing in your life right now and focus on that."

However,, the 41-year-old actress recently took time out of her busy schedule to wed José Pepe Bastón and gushed about the "magical" day.

She shared: "[Our wedding] was so magical. We had so much fun as you can see from all the posts from everybody. It was the funnest wedding I had ever been to. I'm glad it was mine.

"I just flew back [from the honeymoon] a couple of hours ago. We went to Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand. We had this amazing wedding blessing from a monk who tied these [red string bracelets] on us. It was magical. My honeymoon was magical."

And despite not ruling out the possibility of having children one day, Eva insists she is content with having her "three beautiful step-kids" at the moment.

When asked if she wants to have children soon, she added: "Who knows! One thing at a time. I have three beautiful step-kids who are just amazing. They were part of the wedding so it was just special."