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Eva Longoria: People think I'm crazy

Eva Longoria: People think I'm crazy

Eva Longoria says people think she's "crazy" because she's so determined.

The 40-year-old actress believes people often confuse her commitment and passion for stupidity because her "doer" attitude means she pursue things even if she's likely to fail.

Speaking to Cointreau's Creative Director Laetitia Casta as part of the Cointreau Creative Crew Project, she said: "Creativity comes from sharing moments with other people ... whether it's as an actor or an activist. I'm a doer. People say I'm crazy but I think I'm passionate. I'm willing to take risks ... I dared to succeed and I dared to fail."

The brunette beauty has teamed up with the entrepreneurial project in the hope of encouraging women across the globe to enter in to the Cointreau Creative Crew grant scheme.

The programme, which has just launched for the first time in the UK, will award one entrepreneur with a £20,000 bursary to support their creative project, whether that be in art, music, design, film, food, or even mixology.

Laetitia said: "I've known Eva for a long time. I worked with her on a shoot a long time ago. And we had a real heart to heart about life and connected over many things.

"I thought she was so sweet. Then I saw her evolution over the years and I think it's fascinating to see what an interesting road she has taken. She's really powerful in what she does, and really passionate. So it was great, after all these years, to see each other again. To reconnect. And reconnect for the same cause - women."

Meanwhile, the lucky winner of the grant scheme will be chosen by a jury of creatives - including Eva - in April 2016.