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Eva Longoria: My wedding was magical

Eva Longoria: My wedding was magical

Eva Longoria's wedding was "magical".

The 'Telenovela' star tied the knot with José Pepe Bastón late last month and can't believe how well the day and her subsequent honeymoon went.

She said: "[Our wedding] was so magical. We had so much fun as you can see from all the posts from everybody. It was the funnest wedding I had ever been to. I'm glad it was mine.

"I just flew back [from the honeymoon] a couple of hours ago. We went to Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand. We had this amazing wedding blessing from a monk who tied these [red string bracelets] on us. It was magical. My honeymoon was magical."

And the 41-year-old actress hasn't ruled out the possibility of having children soon but says she is content with her "three beautiful step-kids" at the moment.

When asked about having children, she added: "Who knows! One thing at a time. I have three beautiful step-kids who are just amazing. They were part of the wedding so it was just special."

Meanwhile, Eva was thrilled to have her close pal Victoria Beckham have such an important part in the wedding.

She told E! News: "[Victoria] did everything. I actually wore three dresses over the weekend and they were all Victoria's. I went to London twice. I had two fittings.

"She really was so involved in developing my dress because she wanted it to be what I wanted. She wanted it to be perfect. She was like, 'I don't do wedding dresses' and I was like, 'I don't want a wedding dress. I want a simple elegant beautiful dress' and I couldn't think of anyone who would do it better than Victoria."