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Eva Longoria: Learning Spanish is a labour of love!

Eva Longoria: Learning Spanish is a labour of love!

Actress Eva Longoria was left red-faced when she told people she was ‘pregnant’ instead of ‘embarrassed’ while learning Spanish.

The Desperate Housewives star is currently learning the language and loves having conversations with those who are fluent. While she has mastered quite a few words, she still gets mixed up every now and then – leading to one particularly confusing exchange.

“I don’t even mind making mistakes,” Eva said in an interview with Britain’s Hello! magazine. “Although there was one time when I was feeling embarrassed and I said, ‘Yo soy embarazada,' which actually means ‘I’m pregnant.' But I’m getting there – I’m probably 70 per cent fluent by now.”

Eva is currently living in Mexico with her fiance, businessman Jose ‘Pepe’ Antonio, so has plenty of opportunities to practise her language skills. Although she doesn’t always pronounce words perfectly, she’s happy to give it a try and doesn’t have any fears about making mistakes.

“It’ll be my third language,” the actress explained. “Obviously I speak English and I also speak French, but I’ve really wanted to learn Spanish for some time because it ties in so much with my heritage. I know I’m learning it late in life, but I don’t mind stumbling through and I love speaking it.”

Shortly after Eva got engaged to Jose in December last year (15) the couple travelled to India, and the 40-year-old brunette has fond memories of the romantic trip. The pair had such a great time, it felt like part of their wedding celebrations.

“It was almost like our honeymoon,” she recalled. “Because everybody knew about it and everywhere we went people said congrats and it was lovely.

"Everybody in India was lovely. I think Mexico is the most beautiful country in the world when it comes to customer service – but when we went to India, well, that was the first time we ever saw (something) that rivalled.

“We went there for 10 days and it was a wonderful place to have our ‘engagement honeymoon’.”

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