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Eva Longoria: I nearly posted my engagement on Snapchat!

Eva Longoria: I nearly posted my engagement on Snapchat!

Eva Longoria nearly accidentally shared her engagement on Snapchat.

The 40-year-old actress' boyfriend José 'Pepe' Bastón popped the question during a recent trip to Dubai.

And Eva had been sharing details of the trip on the video messaging application before she realised Pepe had planned something.

Telling the hosts of 'The Talk' on Monday (11.01.16) that she had been capturing images from the camel ride and desert tour she and her beau were on, Eva continued: "And then I saw roses. I was, like, 'I should probably stop Snapchatting my engagement!' "

Eva didn't reveal any more details of how Pepe proposed, but she did admit that the occasion was more than special.

She said: "He planned the engagement for, like, six months. He raised the bar for all our dating friends. All my guy friends were, like, 'Thanks a lot, Pepe.' "

Eva has been doing the rounds to promote her new television show 'Telenovela'.

And during a separate chat with Meredith Vieira on Monday, Eva admitted she found herself in shock after Pepe popped the question.

She said: "I laughed for about 10 minutes."

Eva previously revealed that while she enjoys sharing every aspect of her life on her social networking pages, Pepe isn't so quick to share.

She told Ellen DeGeneres: "He's so private and when I got engaged, I was like, 'I got to tweet this. I really got to tell people'. And he was like, 'Fine.' But then he was like, '[Use] the one with the back of my head.'"