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Enrique Iglesias recalls crazy fan experience

Enrique Iglesias recalls crazy fan experience

An Enrique Iglesias fan hid in his dressing room for 12 hours.

The 'Hero' hitmaker was shocked to find one of his supporters and her younger sister under a table backstage.

Asked about his weirdest fan experience, he said: "She snuck into my dressing room and hid underneath the table, and she was there with her little sister for 12 hours. She didn't come out until after the show and I was leaving the venue at around 1am. She was scared she was going to get in trouble. I thought that was pretty crazy ... to stay underneath a table for 12 hours! That's intense."

However, the 41-year-old singer insists he hasn't had all bad experiences with fans and recalled a particularly sweet meeting with one of his supporters, who had flew from Iran to see him live.

He added: "I actually got to speak with her during the concert. She was talking with me whilst she was grabbing onto me. If I'm not mistaken, she was 12 years old and had flown in from Iran just to see the show. It was very cute.

"She was a sweetie. I brought her to the side of the stage by the soundboard and she got to watch the show from there. But there was a moment when she was surrounded by around 12 security guards and I was like, 'Dude, no. It's okay. It's okay. She's a sweet girl. She's not going to do anything.'"

Meanwhile, Enrique also revealed he was once attacked by a drone whilst on stage.

He told MTV News: "That's one of the stupidest things that's happened to me on stage. That's what happens when you try to grab a drone ... that was one of those incidents where I wish I could go back and ... at the time I didn't know so much about drones. Especially the drone they were using to get some of the live footage."