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Emmerdale's Holly Barton dead from drug overdose

Emmerdale's Holly Barton dead from drug overdose

'Emmerdale's Holly Barton has been killed off.

In a shocking episode on Thursday (29.09.16), the troubled Holly - who has battled drug addiction - passed away following an overdose and her lifeless body was found by her devastated mother Moira and brother Adam.

The death came as a surprise to viewers as although it was recently revealed that Sophie Powles, who played Holly, had quit the show, details of her exit had not been disclosed.

Sophie, 27, only returned to the show in March but quit for a second time in August.

A source previously said: "Sophie has enjoyed returning as Holly but she never saw coming back as a full-time thing. So she's back off into the real world again.

"She was looking at other roles after she was finished travelling, but Emmerdale asked her back and it seemed silly to turn it down, so she returned.

She's already filmed her final scenes which are being kept under wraps. Her leaving the show is seen as one of the big storylines of the next few months.

"She's a popular cast member and will be missed by everyone on set."

Sophie first quit the show in 2012 in order to go travelling with her boyfriend Mark Walters.

She returned to the soap in March and revealed she was thrilled when show bosses approached her about reprising the role of drug-addict Holly, rather than recasting.

She said: "I think it would have been weird, you know, 'What's she doing in my house?'

"But luckily that didn't happen, and I'm really grateful for this opportunity and to be working with some of my best friends again, cast and crew. It's just the best place."

Holly had been secretly dating local businessman Jai Sharma and he has yet to discover her death.