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Emma Bunton was the 'diva' in the Spice Girls

Emma Bunton was the 'diva' in the Spice Girls

Emma Bunton admits she was the "diva" in the Spice Girls.

The 40-year-old beauty - best known as Baby Spice in the band - got away with most things and her bandmates - Victoria Beckham, Geri Horner, Mel B and Mel C - used to let her have her own way because she was the youngest of the girls.

Asked if she ever threw tantrums, she admitted: "It was good being the youngest, because I got my own way. Which does make me a bit of a diva. I'd say, 'I'd really like to sit by a window on the aeroplane', and they let me. I'd get away with."

And that's not all she got away with, the blonde beauty - who has sons Beau, eight, and Tate, four, with fiance Jade Jones - also had her own way with the costumes she wore.

However, she couldn't be seen wearing leopard print as that was always Scary Spice's [Mel B] thing.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I loved my dip-dyed clip-on pigtails. And I could n't rock a tracksuit, God no. And leopard was always a Mel B thing, even though I do love a bit of it myself. She might kill me for wearing it if she saw me, though."

Meanwhile, Emma previously revealed the girls "all kissed once".

She said: "I'm sure we've all kissed once in a while but no, nothing more than that."

All the Spice Girls had a very close bond, which Emma credits for helping her stay grounded throughout their global success.

She said: "I was such a family girl and, being so young, it was quite difficult being away from home so much.

"But I had the girls - they were my rock. It was crazy on the outside but the centre of it was quite calm.

"We looked after each other. We never really let anyone in, we were very solid the five of us.

"Even now Jade, my other half, says, 'When you five are in a room it's like you're being pushed back from the force of it.'

"Because of what we went through together, there's a bond that no one else understands. We might not see each other for months but if I need one of them, they'll be there."