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Embarrassing dad Mick Jagger

Embarrassing dad Mick Jagger

James Jagger was "embarrassed" to be Sir Mick Jagger's son as a teenager.

The 'Vinyl' actor - whose mother is Jerry Hall - insists he is incredibly "proud" of his Rolling Stones rocker father but used to feel uncomfortable with the attention his famous surname received when he was growing up.

He said: "I'm incredibly proud to be a member of the family. I absolutely adore my dad and I'm incredibly proud of all his achievements, so I'm proud to be his son.

"At times, you kind of wish you had more anonymity and, when you're a teenager, it can be embarrassing at times, but I've gotten over it."

The 30-year-old actor also admitted he found his famous heritage a drawback when it came to carving out his own career.

He told OK! magazine: "If you come from any family with a name, the British press prefer to shoot you down.

"They want a working class hero to be successful, a boy done good, not someone from a family of entertainers."

James has enjoyed working closely with his dad on 'Vinyl', on which the veteran rocker is a producer.

Asked if Mick helped him write some of the music for the musical drama, he said: "He did, yes. And I'd never even sat at the piano with him and played music - we didn't really have that growing up, he never showed that interest.

"But it was more to do with talking about the early '70s. He was an invaluable resource."