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Elton John blasts security guards

Elton John blasts security guards

Sir Elton John blasted overzealous security guards who tried to stop people dancing at his concert.

The 69-year-old musician was performing at the Leicestershire County Cricket Ground for 17,000 fans on Saturday (11.06.16) when he hit out at stewards who were attempting to prevent fans from leaving their seats to dance.

According to the Daily Mirror, he said: "Security guards, sit down or I'm not going to do the rest of the concert and you'll end up in f***ing trouble. Now sit down you p****s."

And fans were thrilled that Elton stood up for them, with Julia Hage saying: "Hated the fun police who wouldn't let me stand at the end of the row so I could see...After Elton intervened we were able to stand, dance and drink in the 30m of grass which separated us from the next block."

Luc Benoit added: "Elton loves people to have fun at his concerts and will not tolerate security guards being too firm with people."

A representative for Elton said: "Elton played a full set of well over two hours. He did ask a few of the security people to relax and let the audience stand up and dance if they wanted to."

Meanwhile, Elton, who has two sons with husband David Furnish, recently insisted he has no plans to retire although he would like to spend more time at home with his children.

Asked if he's ready to retire, he said: "No, no. I mean I do want to stop 'schlepping', I do. That's the hardest thing when you're touring - I was in the Far East before Christmas and Australia, [and] I had a ball, but I was away from my boys and it's hard.

"I'm going to stop travelling as much ... because you know it is about them and if you don't stop then what's the point in having children?"