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Ellie Goulding urges female fans to always support each other

Ellie Goulding urges female fans to always support each other

Ellie Goulding has urged all her female fans to support each other because "wonderful things" when women stick together.

The 'Love Me Like You Do' hitmaker has taken the opportunity on International Women's Day on Tuesday (08.03.16) to urge her followers on Twitter to lookout for their fellow females at all ages and in all areas of their lives in order to eradicate hate and inequality.

She tweeted: "When women support each other wonderful things happen. Support your mates ... in School, in work ... You will soon see how important it is! (sic)"

Ellie, 29, made a special plea to her young fans to look after one another at school and put a stop to bullying, because it can be so damaging to young people's self-esteem.

She posted: "If there is a girl in your School who you can see is being picked on or doesn't have many friends, go to them, talk to them, help them (sic)"

The pop star is part of Taylor Swift's girl squad and counts Adele as a good mate.

As well as her various famous friends, Ellie is still very close with a group of pals she's had since her school days and she admits it's always great to have fun with them and escape the pressures of her career.

She previously said: "You should meet my friends who are with me - they are the actually the best squad! Everyone always comments on whenever we do shows or promo, they all say my team is the best team. We all have a really good sense of humour, everyone is down to earth and there's no divas."