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Ellie Goulding's good figure

Ellie Goulding's good figure

Ellie Goulding is "happy" with her figure.

The 'On My Mind' beauty insists she doesn't work out to be "skinny" but rather to improve her strength and fitness.

She explained: "If getting stronger means getting more toned and slimmer, so be it, as long as strength comes with it.

"I'm happy with my figure. I never intended or tried to be skinny. It's just not my thing."

Whilst the 28-year-old singer admits it can be hard to work out whilst on tour, she prefers high-intensity regimes as it helps her stay "super focused" on her fitness.

She added to Shape magazine: "When I'm not on the road, my trainer comes to my house a few times a week and we go for a run outdoors and then do weight training.

"I like it because you spend half the session running and half doing weight and floor work. It's really good for endurance, and it keeps me super focused.

"[High intensity work outs] are by far the hardest thing I've ever done. I come out of there feeling like something big just happened to my body, and I'm completely drained. Of all the workouts I've tried, this one has been the best for me."