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Elli Goulding suffering from insomnia

Elli Goulding suffering from insomnia

Ellie Goulding is suffering from severe insomnia.

The 29-year-old singer recently had to cancel a series of tour dates due to exhaustion after she was told by doctors she risked losing her voice if she didn't rest it.

But it has now been revealed she has had a long battle with insomnia and could never get to sleep.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Ellie's body clock is completely out of sync and she has found herself lying awake in bed most nights unable to get to sleep.

"All the travelling through random time zones has messed with her system. She just can't get to sleep at night, and even when she's back in England the insomnia is sapping her energy.

"She's worried about it as she doesn't want to be tired before going on stage. She's a professional and wants to give her fans the best performances possible."

However, the 'Burn' hitmaker has had the past few weeks off to recover and has been making lifestyle changes to help beat it.

The source continued: "Ellie's had a couple of weeks off now and is hoping she can beat her insomnia through exercise and natural remedies."

In March, Ellie hinted at her trouble sleeping in the past by tweeting: "Been lying awake since 3am. So much fun."

However, she is set to return to the stage tomorrow (28.07.16) in Chicago for the last leg of her 'Delirium' tour.

Speaking about her decision to cancel some festival appearances, Ellie said: "I've had to cancel some festivals this weekend because of exhaustion.

"I've done nearly 100 shows this year and my doctor has said if I do this weekend my voice might not bounce back from it. They did a bunch of tests on me and I have been diagnosed with exhaustion."