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Ellen DeGeneres has 'true love'

Ellen DeGeneres has 'true love'

Ellen DeGeneres' "best discovery" is Portia de Rossi.

The 'Finding Dory' star - who married the 43-year-old actress in 2008 after four years together - couldn't be happier to have "true love" in her life.

She said: "My best discovery? [Portia]. I would say discovering true love."

Ellen reprises her 'Finding Nemo' voice role as forgetful fish Dory in Pixar's latest movie and thinks there is a lot people can learn from her loveable character.

She told "I think the main thing about Dory is she doesn't have any judgement. If somebody else is in a bad mood, it doesn't affect her. She doesn't take it personally. She doesn't make assumptions, she's an optimistic character and I think we can all take something away from that."

The 58-year-old talk show host is now hopeful there will be a third movie in the series.

She said: "It's hilarious, it's touching. It really is good, you'll love it. Of course I'd like there to be a third one and I think when you see this, everyone will know what the third one should be."

And for Portia, the best thing about 'Finding Dory' is her wife.

She gushed: "She's amazing in it. She's wonderful in it, by the way.

"I'm not just saying that because I'm her wife. She's incredible. The performance is amazing."

Ellen recently admitted she and Portia had discussed having children but decided against it.

She said: "We talked about it for a minute, about four years into the relationship, but we just decided we like our conversations not being interrupted and our furniture without sticky grape juice on it."

And Ellen doesn't think it is always fair to raise children in the spotlight.

She added: "Also, I think in this profession it can be really tough for children. It's hard for them to have to share their parents with the world."