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Elle Macpherson rules out plastic surgery

Elle Macpherson rules out plastic surgery

Elle Macpherson would never have plastic surgery.

Although the 52-year-old supermodel admitted she has tried other anti-ageing techniques, she insisted that she will never resort to a surgical procedure because it "doesn't look quite right".

She told The Telegraph Magazine: "I haven't had surgery; it's not in my game plan. I don't have any perspective on it for anybody else, only for myself; I would worry because I know things can go wrong really easily. 'With some of these procedures, you might feel that you look younger but it doesn't look quite right. So I try to keep it really natural.

"I can't do laser on my skin because I've spent so much time in the sun and it gets hyperpigmentation."

When asked by the publication if she has "tried the likes of Botox and collagen?", she responded: "Yeah, I've tried things but most of the time they don't work for me. It doesn't work for my face - sometimes people get things done and they look worse. I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat and I don't want to mess with what there is. At this point I think it's best to leave what I have alone. Having said that, I do vitamin injections, infusions, and I work on my nutrition."

Meanwhile, in 2014 Elle ended her 25-year relationship with Bendon lingerie and was replaced by Heidi Klum, but she insists there are no hard feelings towards her fellow model.

She said: "Why would I be angry? That they took my clothes and ripped out the labels and put somebody else's in? That's one way of doing business. That was the choice they made. On the positive side, I've loved [being] able to design what I think we need today - not what we needed 25 years ago, but what women want today. So, not p****d of, no. Fortunate that I can have a clean slate to work with."