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Elle Fanning avoids argumentative Twitter

Elle Fanning avoids argumentative Twitter

Elle Fanning won't open a Twitter account because she thinks there are too many arguments on the social media platform.

The 18-year-old actress has always avoided the website - which allows users to make posts of 140 characters - because of the conflict that seems to arise on it and admits when it comes to social media she's more an Instagram girl.

Discussing her media habits in an interview with the new winter issue of C Magazine, she said: "Well, my parents never let me have a Facebook account. And I had a private Instagram, but I was always a little intimidated by it. I have never had a Twitter account. People just argue on Twitter and I want to stay away. I guess I like Instagram because I am a visual person."

Elle has been working as an actress since before she was three years old and although she loves working in Hollywood she does think about going back to school.

If she does return to education then the '20th Century Women' star would like to study photography but she also has ambitions to become a film director too.

Elle said: "If I do go back to school one day, which I think I will, it will be for photography ... [But Hollywood] feels very normal to me. I've always been on movie sets, and I have learned so much. I really hope to be a director one day, to feel so free to invent stuff ...To have something that's mine, my own thing that I pour myself into, that's my dream."