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Ella Eyre has no exercise routine

Ella Eyre has no exercise routine

Ella Eyre doesn't have a regular exercise regime.

The 'Gravity' singer won't go out of her way to find the time to work out, but will hit the gym if she finds she has some free time in her busy schedule.

She said: "My view on it is I don't like to over think about it too much. I enjoy working out but I make sure I can do as much as I can in a week, it depends on my schedule.

"It could be as little as twice or as much as seven times a week. It really depends on how early and late I'm going to bed, and also I watch what I eat but not that much.

"I'm not going to stop eating things that I really enjoy, I'm just going to eat them in moderation and not as regularly as I used to."

Ella dreamed of swimming competitively when she was younger but problems with her ears stopped her from fulfilling her sporting passion and these days she can't be in water for long without her health being affected.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I don't' swim anymore. The reason I had to quit, I was a competitive swimmer, I swam about two hours a day every day of the week and then competed at the weekend, and I can't anymore because my ears are sensitive and I get infections under water.

"Actually, I find myself getting in the pool but after fifteen minutes I have to get out because they start flaring up, so sadly for me swimming is only leisure these days. "

Ella is an ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, uniting the UK in the fight against breast cancer. Visit