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Elizabeth Hurley's teen fears

Elizabeth Hurley's teen fears

Elizabeth Hurley hopes her son doesn't become a "horrible" teenager.

The 'Royals' actress' only child Damian - who she has with ex-boyfriend Steve Bing - has just turned 13 and she hopes he behaves much better in the next few years than she did at that age.

She said: "He's only just a teenager, so I haven't gone through any painful teenage years yet, but I was a horrible teenager so I'm hoping he doesn't take after me."

For now, the 50-year-old star still finds her son "enchanting" but she is ready for things to change.

She told new! magazine: "He still thinks I'm fabulous, but I know that could change at any second.

"His voice has just broken, so I know what's in store and everybody who I talk to is like, 'Just wait'.

"I've got some challenging years ahead - but right now he's still enchanting.

"But, you know, I'm a single parent and he's a single child of a single parent, so we have a close bond in that respect.

"And it's almost me saying to him, 'Now you'd better drop my hand, we're just heading in to school'. He says, 'I don't care.' "