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Elizabeth Hurley's exercise regret

Elizabeth Hurley's exercise regret

Elizabeth Hurley wishes she went to the gym "more often".

The 50-year-old star insists she isn't at the stage in life where she can get away with consuming a box of doughnuts whenever she feels like it, but does regularly exercise at her country pad in Gloucestershire, south west England.

She said: "I wish I went to the gym more often, but I don't.

"When I'm in the country, I go for long walks with my dogs and don't really sit down.

"But I can't have a box of doughnuts whenever I feel like it - sadly."

Elizabeth - who has 13-year-old son Damian with former boyfriend Steve Bing - admits she tends to indulge in calorific treats now and again but tries not to consume too many sweet offerings because she finds it "exhausting" trying to lose weight.

She added to Britain's Star magazine: "Beauty and health are definitely connected. I've been very concerned with healthy eating since I became a mum.

"I do eat sweets, but I'm aware that it's exhausting to have to lose weight again if you put it on."