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Elizabeth Hurley reveals her Jackie Collins regret

Elizabeth Hurley reveals her Jackie Collins regret

Elizabeth Hurley harbours regrets about her last meeting with Jackie Collins.

The romantic novelist passed away in September last year after a cancer battle, and Elizabeth has revealed she wishes she would have known about her health issues before their final encounter at a party.

She said: "I last saw Jackie at a lovely party that Joan threw when she became a dame last spring. Nobody knew Jackie was ill. It is so sad.

"But she looked fantastic. There were sequins and there was hair and make-up and there was leopard print. She looked the same as ever."

Elizabeth admitted she would have approached her last encounter differently had she known about her illness.

The 50-year-old actress told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "None of us knows how we'd cope if it were us.

"From a selfish point of view, had I known Jackie was ill at Joan's party I would have spoken to her differently - and I think that is exactly what she didn't want.

"But of course one would make the most of being with someone if there was a chance you might never see them again."