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Elizabeth Hurley reveals George Clooney is her dream king

Elizabeth Hurley reveals George Clooney is her dream king

George Clooney would be Elizabeth Hurley's dream king if she was a real-life queen.

The 51-year-old actress, who stars as Queen Helena in the US TV drama series 'The Royals', has revealed that the Hollywood icon would be her perfect partner if she was sat on the throne like her on-screen character.

Asked who she would want to be her husband if she was a royal, she told E! Online: "George Clooney. He would look sweet holding an orb and a septum. He would be cool, sipping an espresso. He would be heaven."

And the actress also revealed she would wear her crown "in bed" in the event of becoming a real-life monarch.

Elizabeth has been starring in 'The Royals' since 2015 and recently had to pretend to fall in love with her real-life son in the third series of the show.

The Hollywood star's on-screen character Queen Helena becomes besotted with Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein, who is played by her son Damian, 14.

She explained: "The Queen falls in love with him after watching him on TV, because he's a reality star and has this shocking reality TV show."

The actress admitted she was proud of her son - whose father is Steve Bing - and his performance on the TV show.

But she joked: "He's spoiled, he's obnoxious but it's a brilliant part."

Elizabeth also insisted she would be supportive of her son, regardless of what he decides to do with his career.

She shared: "He loves showbusiness. I just want him to be happy and to have his creativity blossom. He's a bit of a despot when shooting his own mini-movies so he could end up behind the camera.

"I've always been like an adoring Italian mother and think my son's the bee's knees."