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Elizabeth Hurley forbids her son Damian from drinking alcohol in front of her

Elizabeth Hurley forbids her son Damian from drinking alcohol in front of her

Elizabeth Hurley won't allow her son Damian to drink alcohol in front of her.

The 51-year-old actress and model, who has 14-year-old son with Steve Bing, has admitted her child is "not allowed" to let a sip of alcohol pass his lips when she is "looking", although it is not illegal for a 14 year old to have an alcoholic beverage whilst at a private event.

Speaking about a photograph, which was taken during Tania Bryer's wedding and saw Damian holding a flute of champagne on ITV's breakfast show 'This Morning' on Thursday (06.10.16), the brunette beauty said: "He's not allowed to drink when I'm looking, but he probably was handed one and held it to join in."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth - who plays the role of Queen Helena in 'The Royals' - has admitted she is very proud of her offspring who starred in a one-off episode in the shows third season alongside her.

Speaking about Damian's acting, which saw him play Prince Hansel von Leichtenstein in the programme, she said: "One of the best things on this series is that my son is a guest star."

And the Hollywood actress revealed she performed the role of her son's chaperone for the short period he spent on set.

She explained: "He only shot for one day; they did all his scenes on one day. And I was the chaperone; my job was to pass him water and to pull his chair and to say 'I think he needs a rest' which he never did."

However Damians' bossy ways are not unusual for Elizabeth, who has revealed the teenager bosses her around "non-stop".

Speaking previously, she said: "Damian bosses me around non-stop about what I should be posting. He begs me daily for a public Instagram account but I'm making him wait until he's 16."