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Elizabeth Hurley falls in love with her real-life son in The Royals

Elizabeth Hurley falls in love with her real-life son in The Royals

Elizabeth Hurley had to pretend to fall in love with her real-life son in 'The Royals'.

The 51-year-old actress' on-screen character Queen Helena becomes besotted with Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein, who is played by her son Damian, in the third series of the drama series.

Liz expained: "The Queen falls in love with him after watching him on TV, because he's a reality star and has this shocking reality TV show."

Although an unusual first role for Damian, 14, his mother has praised his performance as Liechtenstein in the latest series.

She joked: "He's spoilt, he's obnoxious but it's a brilliant part."

In fact, Liz claimed her son's presence on the programme was a highlight of the new series.

She told ITV's 'This Morning': "One of the best things on this series is that my son is a guest star."

And the Hollywood actress revealed she performed the role of her son's chaperone for the short period he spent on set.

Liz shared: "He only shot for one day; they did all his scenes on one day. And I was the chaperone; my job was to pass him water and to pull his chair and to say 'I think he needs a rest' which he never did."

Earlier this year, Liz revealed how her son bosses her around.

The 'Royals' actress said Damian had started to take control of her social networking sites and even tells her when and what to post on Instagram.

She explained: "Damian bosses me around non-stop about what I should be posting. He begs me daily for a public Instagram account but I'm making him wait until he's 16."