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Elisabeth Moss is happy as a pig in 's**t'

Elisabeth Moss is happy as a pig in 's**t'

Elisabeth Moss is happy when she looks like a "pig in s**t".

The 'Mad Men' star confessed she likes to be "covered in dirt" and has the most "fun" when she's wearing her work outfit, which usually consists of leggings, a pair of comfy boots and wild hair.

The 33-year-old actress declared: "I prefer to be messy. I like to have my hair messed up. I like to be covered in dirt. That is when I am having fun. I am like a pig in shit."

Though she loves her job and successful career, Elisabeth also revealed she doesn't believe acting is a matter of life or death and won't take herself, or the craft, too "seriously" like some "anguished" and "cool" actors tend to do.

Admitting that she is a California girl who is laid back at heart, the 'Truth' star told The Guardian Weekend magazine: "I wish I was super-serious, anguished. I see those actors and I am like, oh God, they are so cool and they seem so interesting. I don't take acting that seriously. I love my work, but I do not think that I am saving the world, and I do not think that I am doing anything brave by accessing emotions that I might have for roles. I am a Valley girl."