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Eddie Redmayne's 15-year guitar lesson

Eddie Redmayne's 15-year guitar lesson

Eddie Redmayne has been trying to learn to play the guitar for 15 years.

The 'Danish Girl' star admits he tries to pick up the instrument on his first day on set but always ends up getting sidetracked and his current repertoire only features three chords.

He said: "Virtually every film I start, I go 'You know what? I I'm going to learn to play the guitar on this.' I've been trying for about 15 years and I have about three chords in me. Occasionally I will paint very badly, but I enjoy it and I find it quite a good way of focusing my attentions elsewhere."

And whilst it may look like the 34-year-old actor - who is expecting his first child with wife Hannah Bagshawe - has a lot of down-time, he insists there is "always an adrenaline pumping through [his] veins" when he's working on a movie.

He added to Australia's Vogue magazine: "But one of the things about filming, as you say, it's an odd rhythm when you're filming and there are weird times and pauses. But you always have to be slightly on the edge of being able to access or find the character that you're playing. So although it quite often looks like there's a lot of down-time, and there is, there's always an adrenaline pumping through your veins, because you know at any moment, you're going to have to get back into character."