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Eddie Izzard has female genetics

Eddie Izzard has female genetics

Eddie Izzard has female genetics.

The 54-year-old actor can't bear it when people refer to him as a transvestite - a person who dresses in clothes appropriate to the opposite sex - because he believes some of his DNA actually makes him part woman.

He explained: "I'm not a transvestite. I have some of the same genetics as women, so I'm transgender. When I see a pair of nice heels, I think, 'Yeah that could work. That could be kind of fun, kind of sexy.' Anyone can feel that.

"We're obsessed with the differences between someone with a penis and someone with a vagina. Everyone should calm down and take a chill pill."

However, the 'Ocean's Thirteen' star may be known for his wacky fashion sense and deep eye-liner but he has admitted he absolutely hates shopping for clothes.

He said: "Shopping for clothes is a faff. It's a lot of effort trying things on and wondering whether this would match with that. But it's great when you come home with a good piece. I describe my look as classic with a twist."

But, although Eddie oozes confidence now, he hasn't always been able to put himself out there and believes the hardest thing he's done in life so far is stepping out of his front door 31 years ago in a pair of killer heels and slap on his face.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: "Fears are there to be conquered. I've toured France in French; I've toured Germany in German. I've gone from playing the streets of London to the Hollywood Bowl. I taught myself to fly because I'm scared of flying. But the biggest thing I ever did was walk out the door 31 years ago in heels."