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Dwayne Johnson's puppy dies

Dwayne Johnson's puppy dies

Dwayne Johnson is grieving the death of his puppy Brutus.

The 'San Andreas' star, who saved the French bulldog from drowning in his pool earlier this month, is devastated his pet had to be put to sleep by vets after eating a poisonous mushroom in the garden of his Los Angeles home on Monday (28.09.15).

The 43-year-old actor paid tribute to his late puppy on Twitter, writing: "We'll always love you Brutus ... and you'll always be my lil' main man and rough housing Brute (sic)."

The dog was initially placed on life support, but had no chance of survival as his liver had completely shut down as a result of ingesting the toxic mushroom, according to gossip website

The sad news comes just weeks after Dwayne, who only recently purchased Brutus and another bulldog named Hobbs, was forced to jump into his pool on September 7 when the black-and-white pup sank to the bottom.

The actor documented the experience on Instagram, sharing a photo of himself soaking wet in his pool with the dogs in each arm at the time, with the caption: "I set them both down and they both take off in a full sprint and fall right into the deep end of our pool. HOBBS immediately starts doggy paddling while BRUTUS (like a brick) sink heads first to the bottom of the pool.

"I take off into a full sprint, fully clothed, dive in the pool, swim to the bottom, rescue my brick, I mean BRUTUS and bring him back to the edge of the pool.

"He was a little delirious.. took a moment, threw up all the water he swallowed and looked up at me as if to say, 'Thank God you didn't have to give me mouth to mouth!' and then ran off to play with his brother."